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The Right Probiotic Blend and the Best Application.

There are probiotics, and then there are Protect® Probiotics.

Just as we want to live long and healthy lives, we want the same for our pets. Protect® Probiotics is a great way to support the health of our four-legged friends!

Family with two dogsBut with so many probiotic options, how can you find the best probiotic for your pet? By adopting the same criteria you use in choosing a probiotic for yourself! Just like us, our pets benefit from healthy diets supplemented with live probiotics. Therefore, it is important to have confidence in the probiotics in your pet’s favorite food.

Protect® Probiotics uses a patented application process to deliver live probiotics to the surface of pet food. This process ensures maximum probiotic viability so you can be sure your pet is consuming a unique combination of healthy bacteria to promote digestive health and overall well-being. By choosing a pet food brand with the Protect® Probiotics logo on the label, you can have confidence that you’re giving your pet plenty of live probiotics that help your fur baby stay fit and healthy for a long, happy, active life.