Protect Probiotics: Scientifically formulated with pets in mind

Boost the impact of your pet food with Hollison. Protect Probiotics can help support healthy digestion, reduce material waste, & enhance brand loyalty. Invest in gut health, grow your profits.

Unleashing Innovation: Watch How Protect Probiotics Transform Pet Food Production.

The Health Revolution

Probiotics are not new. Science has leveraged them for over a century. As our understanding has grown, so too have the number of applications in which probiotics can be used. Today, Protect offers the opportunity to integrate probiotics within a broad range of products to promote gut health and support overall health and well-being. It’s a gut health revolution and Protect Probiotics are leading the way.

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Why Protect Probiotics?

Regularly replenishing the gut with probiotics is widely accepted as a great way to ensure good health. Protect Probiotics introduce beneficial bacteria and help maintain optimum levels in the gut to:

  • Support the balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut
  • Support a healthy immune system
  • Support healthy digestion
  • Support overall health and well-being

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Challenges Manufacturers Face

While probiotics offer proven benefits for brands, manufacturers continue to face a range of challenges when integrating them into their products. Mechanical sheering, heating, and other harsh manufacturing processes can degrade or even destroy probiotics. Preventing this die-off and maintaining viability over time is also challenging.

We understand the challenges manufacturers face when it comes to successful integration. Protect Probiotics are provided at high cellular concentrations to easily integrate into most applications with low inclusion rates to boost formulations. Our proprietary application system optimizes probiotic survival during integration, ensuring maximal probiotic delivery and viability.

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Protect Probiotics Will Make Your Job Easier

Choose a partner that fits seamlessly into your vision, providing comprehensive solutions that cater precisely to your needs. Make the smart choice for your product and your customers with Protect Probiotics.

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