How We Help Manufacturers

Proven probiotics, precise applications, and no guesswork to fuel success and achieve meaningful growth.

Protect Probiotics team works with manufacturers to enhance their products with health-supporting beneficial bacteria. However, we don’t stop at expertly formulated probiotics. From customized blends to application technology, we work with you every step of the way to understand your challenges and then create and implement optimized solutions that accelerate your success.

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Custom Blends

The Protect Probiotics team formulates unique probiotic blends specific to your needs and requirements. The result? A powerful combination of health-supporting bacteria tailored to individual products and brands.

Multiple Products

For manufacturers that don’t require a proprietary blend of probiotics, we offer multiple product lines that can quickly be incorporated into your final product. These include Protect Pet Probiotics 700 series, 600 series, 500 series, and 200HR series.

Proprietary Application Technology

Maintaining targeted probiotic levels over the course of a product’s shelf life can be a challenge. Manufacturers struggling to maintain quality, consistency, product integrity, and shelf life turn to Protect Probiotics for our proprietary application technology, which ensures optimal delivery to ensure targeted levels are delivered to your product.

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Protect Probiotics Will Make Your Job Easier

Choose a partner that fits seamlessly into your vision, providing comprehensive solutions and health benefits that cater precisely to your needs. Make the smart choice for your product and your customers with Protect Probiotics.

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